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"The Write in Paradise Retreat helped me to step into my new role as an author! I am ready for my first book to be released. I learned how to promote it and what additional products I can offer to support it. Shanda and Sunny have opened my eyes and expanded my horizons! I highly recommend this retreat for all new and upcoming authors!"
~ Kris Groth

Special Moments from Our 2018 Retreat
"I have dreamed of writing a book and feel that this writing workshop has given me the confidence and support to begin the process. Highly recommend. Sunny and Shanda did a fabulous job."
~ Pat Mork

"I love to write. There is something about writing that frees the brain and is a fabulous form of expression, so attending the Write in Paradise 2018 retreat was something I knew I had to do. I have never had the desire to write a book, however I knew I had to attend. I am beyond happy that I went. I left with so many new tools and ideas. Shanda is amazing. Her knowledge and expertise were superior and her passion for writing and publishing threw it over the top for me. I walked away not only with a commitment to write every day, but also with a greater understanding of the whole writing and publishing process. This workshop/retreat is for everyone with a love of writing and books, whether it is daily journal writing, an avid reader,
or an aspiring author."
~ Kelly Jenkins
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